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Office Design on a Budget by Commercial Design Control Inc

White Furniture desks with navy and green dividers

People ask me how we can design a really cool office space that looks expensive, but is actually done on a limited budget.   Although it is a challenge, I like to start by using white furniture with lots of big, bold color for accents on things such as walls, chairs and floor tiles!  If I had my way, I would want every office that we design to have that “WOW” factor.  The kind of space where you walk in and say “Wow… just look at this”.

To me, that is when you know you did it right!

Our success at Commercial Design Control Inc. has been creating that “wow” look for our clients even when budget is a priority.  Most clients tell me right off that they want it to look expensive, but they want to pay as little as possible!  We understand that, and so our challenge is to make it happen.  After a lot of collaboration between our design team, we settle on what we feel is going to be the best look or color combination for the client.  It all starts with a concept that we usually base on their company logo, or the overall style they want to end up with.  We look at things such as; do they want to look progressive, traditional or more modern?  How do they envision the company flavor and what do they want to say about themselves.

Once we get that, the look grows and eventually becomes a reality.

Here are some concepts that use minimal furniture with splashes of “wow” color.  Clean and simple but with budget in mind.

base_05         dsc-0289     ncfe-big

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