COMMERCIAL DESIGN CONTROL INC talks about the biggest summer seller for workstations in Toronto …

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COMMERCIAL DESIGN CONTROL talks about the big summer seller for workstations and office furniture.

Over the past summer we have had tremendous success with a new product from a manufacturer called Office Link Group.

The workstations made by OLG are designed for a user that needs something “yesterday”! In stock and ready to go! That is the main draw of these stations with a delivery and installation time of about 2 days from start to finish.

They are available in white with glass, red of black dividers. The cable trays are below the desk surface and work well to hide the messy wires that make the office staff crazy!

We find that users especially in applications such as Liberty Village love the stations for their modern clean look as well as the price.  See below for “real” applications completed this summer by Commercial Design Control Inc.

IMG_20150424_122526     IMG-20150222-00588       2014-10-29 13.12.07  2014-10-30 11.47.16

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