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Footrest: Situations will arise in which a user is perfectly adjusted for keyboard use and with the monitor at a correct angle, but his/her feet do not rest flat on the floor. A footrest may be used to correct this problem.

Document Holder: Use a document holder instead of resting copy on the table top. This helps to eliminate strain and discomfort by keeping the copy close to the monitor and at the same height and distance from the users face as the screen.

Wrist Rests: Wrists should only be used to support the wrist in pauses between typing if this is comfortable for the individual. Placing the wrists on a wrist rest while typing can create a bend in the wrists and pressure on the carpal tunnel. Wrist rests should have rounded not sharp, edges and should provide a firm but soft cushion.

1. Top surface of the keyboard space bar is no higher than 2.5 inches above the work surface
2. During keyboard use, the elbow forms an angle of 90-100 with the upper arm almost vertical, the wrist is relaxed and not bent, wrist rests are available
3. If used primarily for text entry, keyboard is directly in front of the operator
4. If used primarily for data entry, keyboard is directly in front of the keying hand
5. Top of screen is at eye level or slightly lower
6. Viewing distance is 18-24 inches
7. Screen is free of glare or shadows
8. Images on the screen are sharp, easy to read and do not flicker

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