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It is always fun to see how other people find ways to use outrageous items in their design ideas.  We have taken the time to go through dozens of articles to find, in our opinions, the most amazing offices around the world.

Amazing Office #1 – Google’s latest addition Tel Aviv, Israel

This new addition is nothing but amazing, which should come as no surprise for those who know the Google offices.  It takes up 8 floors in the Electra Tower in Israel and every floor is designed with a different theme.  Seven of the eight floors are for Google employees, and the eighth floor has been design as Googles second “Campus”; a place where entrepreneurs can start their companies with the help of Google.

OfficeBlog_Google04 OfficeBlog_Google03 OfficeBlog_Google02

Amazing Office #2 – Adobe Lehi, Utah

As we all know Adobe is a software giant, who is always creating programs with innovative technology.  So, would you expect anything different from their offices? Their new office which has been active since November 2012, has shown that allowing your employees to have free range in creativity and the endless amounts of opportunity to collaborate can improve productivity significantly.



Amazing Office #3 – Redbull, London

When Redbull decided to amalgamate their two offices their goal was to make it more open and flowing.  They wanted it to feel like a Redbull experience, to really represent the brand in the way they designed their headquarters.  They say that the new design generates adrenalin and a sense of excitement and emotions to employees and visitors.


Amazing Office #4 – Microsoft, Lisbon Portugal

This office is four floors and is all about Microsoft philosophy “Life without walls”, meaning there are barely any walls throughout the space.  In its place a lot of glass has been used to allow employees some privacy.  Overall Microsoft wanted a very collaborative environment which could also been inviting to their consumers, which is why there are two client areas, one on the first floor and one on the third.

OfficeBlog_Microsoft01 OfficeBlog_Microsoft03 OfficeBlog_Microsoft04


Amazing Office #5 Lithium San Francisco, US

This space was designed so that all of Lithium’s employees would be together in one location instead of separated.  The company is an industry leader in Social CRM and they wanted their office to represent that in a modern, collaborative way.  The design hosts a lot of colour and dimension and a modern look, to represent the brand in which Lithium has made for them.

OfficeBlog_Lithium01 OfficeBlog_Lithium02 OfficeBlog_Lithium03

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